Atlantique Ascoli Capsule for 2018 Pre-fall

by Maureen P.

A core tenant of the minimalism lifestyle trend, the capsule wardrobe is an approach to critically thinking about what one wears, considering the versatility of each individual piece and its potential for mixing and matching. In its most rigid execution, a capsule can be an stand-alone wardrobe for an entire season.  But personal style is about a balance of following and breaking the rules, and the capsule mindset can easily be applied to pieces incorporated within a larger collection of clothes.  Really, the secret to a successful capsule is this: it is crucial to select special garments where simplicity is an intersection of versatility and elegance.  Over time, they become well-loved staples and worthwhile investments for a wardrobe that exhibits quality and longevity.  The designs offered by Atlantique Ascoli are particularly well suited for these goals. Integrating the curation of Alan Bilzerian and selected designer pieces, a stylized series of core garments are ready for 2018 pre-fall.

New from Atlantique Ascoli:

  1. Atlantique Ascoli Grey Trousers - These classic grey trousers with a paper-bag waist are representative of signature Atlantique design. They are a simple, elegant staple.
  2. Atlantique Ascoli Black Ruffled Poplin Blouse - This is a unique and versatile piece for all occasions. It is demure and professional, but romantic and dressy.
  3. Atlantique Ascoli Cream Corded Shell - A casual structured shell. The corded texture makes this basic anything but.
  4. Atlantique Ascoli Gray Long-Sleeved Top - A long-sleeved top is integral to a transitional into-autumn wardrobe. Because it matches the pants, this piece injects an avant-garde kick into rotation.

With 4 new Atlantique Ascoli pieces and 8 of your own layers, shoes, and accessories, we have created 26 outfit suggestions that can be enjoyed throughout summer and into autumn.

1. (White Shell + Black Shorts + Purse) + 2 Shoes

Starting off with the most summer-friendly looks, two different shoes like these contemporary mules from Marsèlltall knee high boots by Luca Verdi. become an important part of the differences in silhouette. Outfit Count: (2)

2. (White Shell + Black Shorts + Boots) + Layers, Accessories

For our first additions, we took one of the above outfits and added the trench, with and without a bag or scarf. A beloved Atlantique Ascoli Cream Corded Shell + wide shorts by Yohji Yamamoto doesn't need to be abandoned when the weather shifts. We didn't picture it here, but sneakers make for another casual-cool option. Outfit Count: (6)

3. (Shorts + Gray Top + Purse) + 2 Shoes

We've swapped the Cream Shell for the Atlantique Ascoli Grey Mock Neck Blouse. Here, removing the strap from the purse turns it into a clutch, juxtaposing a slightly dressier Alan Bilzerian clutch bag with a very laid-back ensemble. Outfit Count: (8)

4. (Trousers + Long-Sleeved Top) + Shoes, Bags, Layers

As things cool off, we start to favor longer pants like these Atlantique Ascoli Grey Trousers. We've kept the long-sleeved top from above and swapped out the bottom half. Sneakers dress this pairing down, the mules dress it up, and the coat adds another warm layer. Between the layers and accessories, we've shown 6 looks here. Outfit Count: (14)

5. (Trousers + Black Blouse) + Accessories

This Atlantique Ascoli Black Ruffled Poplin Blouse very easily converts from day to night. It's casual with these Alberto Fasciani suede sneakers or dressed-up with mules and a wrap. Outfit Count: (20)

6. (Cream Shell + Trousers) + Bags, Layers

In this fairly professional ensemble, the red Guidi zip tote bag functions as a utilitarian statement object, or the wrap fits in with a monochromatic palette. If you'd like, the sneakers and bag could be paired to experiment with primary colors. Outfit Count: (26) 

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