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The Workshop at Alan Bilzerian

          It was clear early on for Alan Bilzerian ("since 1967!") that what is required to more fully express a creative vision in fashion is not only artistic knowledge, but also the ability to produce. Each season Alan, Bé, and Harley Bilzerian travel to points unknown to gather new ideas and develop new directions in fashion with new designers and producers. Some ideas cannot be realized with an external partner, however, which leaves the work of presenting new ideas to the Bilzerians and their in-house staff of expert tailors and makers.

          The Bilzerians source the finest fabrics and notions from Europe, Asia and elsewhere to make these ideas come to life; including but not limited to custom shirting, vests and waistcoats for men and custom underpinnings, tops, shirts, dresses, skirts, and stretch leather pants for women. Often these pieces will be matched with selections from a designer's collection with the goal of translating the designers' fantasy into a real world. 

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